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Crowd Control Equipment

The Park Catalog has been a leader of crowd control solutions since 2001. We have supplied many venues, convention centers, parks and stadiums with crowd control solutions and our happy to help find the right choice for you and your venue. We carry crowd control barriers and barricades, and even have permanent barriers solutions for your park, venue or event. Crowd control techniques play a vital role in the safety and enjoyment of the event in the venue, arena, stadium, mall, airport, etc. Effective crowd management ensures the safety and enjoyment of a mass amount of people visiting one space, such as stanchions and barriers that help guide and control crowds, from small to large sizes. Event managers, venue directors, and security staff use crowd control barricade as part of crowd management planning from major events, as well as daily management for all forms of venues. The Park Catalog has a variety of crowd control solutions, from planters that not only act as barriers that divide space and create dimension but also beautify space and add lush foliage to your location, to barricades, adjustable fencing, and bollards. We also provide retractable belt stanchions or rope stanchions which are popular in most hotels, banks, stadiums and airports. We offer many various materials such as plastic, galvanized steel, PVC and recycled plastics. The Park Catalog can provide the best fencing and barricades to help with your crowd control needs and accommodations. Protect the crowd, crew and performers, control crowd of all sizes, indoors and out.

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